Yin: Unholy Black Metal from Nanchang’s Be Persecuted


Yin (音, “music”) is a weekly RADII feature that looks at Chinese songs spanning hip hop to folk to modern experimental, and everything in between. Drop us a line if you have a suggestion.

Strap in and prepare for a looooong shave, because Nanchang black metal band Be Persecuted has just released their latest: a 2x cassette box set in the vein (kinda literally — the album art is a big, bloody razor) of forebears such as Sweden’s Silencer and Germany’s Sterbend. Behold:


The cassette box is a co-release between Nanchang-based Pest Productions — your one-stop shop for damn near most Chinese metal, irrespective of sub-genre — German underground metal label Eerie Hint, and Nanjing/Lyon-based label WV Sorcerer, which I included on a few cuts in my Hangzhou City Mix the other day.

WV (that stands for 巫, “witch, wizard, shaman”) label-runner Ruotan explains:

This is a promise we made around 5 years ago when the label started to run. With a huge delay, now we are finally able to deliver the double tape box set of this razor-worshiping Chinese depressive black metal act.

More about the band:

BE PERSECUTED started their journey of depressive black metal from 2006, only 2 albums + a few demo / split released and rare live performance during 12 years, this mysterious project is still one of the most fierce DSBM bands in Asian black metal scene.

I managed to catch one of these rare live sets in Beijing 8 years ago, and it was my first inkling of stray elements of China’s underground cultural scene already traveling globally — black metal purists back home instantly recognized the name when I brought it up, a testament to Be Persecuted’s authenticity and dedication to the form.

Pick up the cassette box, which includes re-releases of Be Persecuted’s two albums (I.I and End Leaving), right here, but act fast — only 30 out of a total 222 copies are being sold on WV Sorcerer’s Bandcamp, and I guarantee you there are way more than 30 black metal completists in the world.

Ruotan adds: “Prepare your tape deck and razor.”

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Josh Feola
Josh Feola is a US-based writer and musician, and RADII's former Culture Editor. His coverage of Chinese music and art has appeared in The Wire, Dazed, MIT Technology Review, Artsy, Bandcamp Daily and more. He's been active in China's underground music scene since 2010 via his booking platform pangbianr.com, and is a former member of Beijing bands Chui Wan, SUBS, and Vagus Nerve.
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