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Xinhua Releases Hutong Hipster Propaganda Rap


This week’s photo theme is Red Raps: stills from recent hip hop videos with “red” (read: patriotic) themes.

Y’all, we swear we didn’t plan this when we arbitrarily settled on this week’s theme, but literally one hour ago Xinhua (presumably the same team behind that Belt and Road video) released its latest Red Rap masterpiece, “Another Day in China”, which is described in the YouTube description as follows: “Foreign rhymers tell you how their lifestyles are changing with Didi, Taobao, WeChat, Kuaidi and Chinese cuisines.” [UPDATE: The below video was originally produced by independent video company Ychina, and later re-published by Xinhua’s New China TV YouTube channel.]

We’ll admit the part where he’s flipping through Deep Taobao is kinda entertaining, but the rest of it barely makes sense. You ordered jiaozi last night and they come in the morning?

I dunno. Kids these days. It’s nice that Xinhua’s PR department is finally aiming their message at hutong hipsters I guess.

Didn’t finish the video tbh.

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