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Karoline Kan Joins the Wǒ Men Podcast Team


After nearly two years producing the Wǒ Men Podcast, hosts Yajun and Jingjing are excited to announce that author and journalist Karoline Kan has joined the team.

Karoline Kan was born and raised in China. She is the Beijing Editor at ChinaDialogue. Before joining ChinaDialogue, she worked as reporter and writer at That’s Beijing magazine, Radio France International, and The New York Times Beijing office. Her non-fiction book, Under Red Skies, was published in 2019. You can find her on Twitter @KarolineCQKan.


Wǒ Men Podcast: Under Red Skies – Inside the Minds of Chinese Millennials

With Karoline, we are expanding our coverage and our ability to present a China to the world from the perspective of Chinese women. Each of us was born and grew up in China, but we all bring our own perspectives and ideas. Karoline is a member of a small but growing community of young Chinese who write in English and she’s looking forward to sharing stories of China’s younger generation.

The Wo Men Podcast is looking forward to bringing more new stories from a changing China to you. If you enjoy what you hear, join the conversation! Send us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to us via Twitter @women_podcast or by email at [email protected].

Listen to a brief introduction to Karoline below on Mixcloud, or find Wǒ Men on iTunes here.

Wǒ Men Podcast
Wǒ Men Podcast is produced and hosted by Yajun Zhang and Jingjing Zhang, who discuss a variety of topics and share a diversity of voices from on the ground inside contemporary China.

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