Wǒ Men Podcast: 2018 in Review


The Wǒ Men Podcast is a bi-weekly discussion of life in China hosted by Yajun Zhang and Jingjing Zhang. Previous episodes of the Wǒ Men Podcast can be found here, and you can subscribe to Wǒ Men on iTunes here.

Before we even realized, 2018 has reached its end. It is the time to take a break and look at what we have accomplished or missed in the last year and make a resolution for the new year.

In 2018, both Jingjing and Yajun have experienced some ups and downs. We are using this episode to reflect on our lives and to share our thoughts with you. Hopefully, it can provide some perspective for our audience who may have similar experiences.    

Last but not the least, we want to thank all our listeners for your support in 2018 and wish everyone a very happy 2019!

See you in the new year!

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Wǒ Men Podcast
Wǒ Men Podcast is produced and hosted by Yajun Zhang and Jingjing Zhang, who discuss a variety of topics and share a diversity of voices from on the ground inside contemporary China.
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