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Watch: Western CEOs Assess Innovation in China at Fortune Event


Fortune magazine held its 23rd annual Global Forum last week in Guangzhou, and based on their own initial recap of the event, it seems many Western CEOs are bullish on China’s corporate future. In a short video posted last Friday, Priceline founder Jay Walker praises China for balancing its Confucian intellectual past with a newfound embrace of scientific method and innovation:

Other prominent figures mentioned in the Fortune recap include Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, whose company is working closely with several Chinese government entities to install Cisco tech into a forthcoming wave of data-driven smart cities:

The scale of China can’t properly be described; it needs to be experienced. In fact, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins spoke Thursday about a conversation he had recently with a fellow Silicon Valley CEO who doesn’t see the need to visit China because he doesn’t have any business there. Robbins’ conclusion: This CEO will be sorry.

Read more about Fortune‘s “stimulating week in a fascinating country” here.

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