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Watch: Vin Diesel Tries His Best to Speak Chinese, Announces Collaboration with Wolf Warrior Star Wu Jing


Today in Hollywood/China crossover news: Vin Diesel got a few cab savs deep the other night and recorded an impromptu Facebook video with Wu Jing, lead actor and director of this summer’s smash-hit blockbuster Wolf Warrior 2. It opens with Vin’s charmingly earnest attempt to say the Chinese word for “bro” (哥们儿; gemen’r), which he pronounces “goomer.” Close enough!

Vin follows up to say that he and Wu “have something very special coming for you, it’s rooted in brotherhood and we’re very proud to be able to work with each other.”

What could it be?! Wu Jing is a household name here after the success of Wolf Warrior 2, and Vin Diesel is also an A-lister in these parts due to the huge popularity of the Fast and the Furious series in China, not to mention this year’s xXx reboot, in which Vin starred alongside current it-boy Kris Wu:

Photo of the Day: Kris Wu Selling Hollywood Blockbuster xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

Whatever it is, we just hope Vin Diesel makes the whole thing in the same semi-soused state at which he shot this Facebook teaser. We’d watch 90 minutes of that.

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