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Watch: This Chinese Claw Game App is the Newest Way to Waste Money on Your Phone


Well, we found a new way for you to lose money on your phone: 天天抓娃娃, or Wowow Catcher, which is an app that lets you virtually play one of those claw games you find at any arcade. It’s pretty straightforward. Download the app (here’s the Apple version), connect it to a payment method, convert your real virtual money into fake virtual money (10 RMB = $1.50 = 200 Wowow Catcher coins), choose a room — we found a sweet array of pandas and Gudetama plushes on our recent visit — then let ‘er rip. There’s a weird spectator component, as your selfie-camera feed is streamed in the top left corner, and other people on the app can watch and cheer on via the ever-present bullet comments gliding from right to left across the screen.

If you get a toy you can have them ship it to you (within China). You will not get a toy. We tried more times than we cared to admit. We failed.

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