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Watch: Nike Collabs with Chinese Rappers in 5 Dialects


Shoutout to Chop Suey Club for digging this out: a few years back, Nike Basketball assembled a team of five Chinese rappers for a quick cypher covering five different Chinese dialects. Check it:

The video features Sun Xu of Beijing trio Longjing, Ayuko from Guangzhou, PQ from Shanghai, Da Sha (大傻) of stalwart Changsha crew C-Block, and Bridge, who along with Rap of China champ GAI is a member Chongqing rap collective GO$H.

Stream the video via DP Allen Lv‘s Vimeo above, and stay tuned for an upcoming series of RADII articles on the history of rap in China coming soon. In the meantime, check out the first in our new video series breaking down regional slang from around the country right here:

Watch: OG Chengdu Rapper Kafe Hu Breaks Down Sichuan Slang

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