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Watch: Mesmerizing Work by Miao Jing and Jason Hou


Offering this as a moment of mid-week escape: a mesmerizing video by Beijing/New York-based artist Miao Jing, of an installation he created last year at an Apple store in Chongqing:

The installation was initiated by Miao and produced by Liu Chang. Together the duo runs Hibanana, a visual arts studio split between Brooklyn and Shanghai:

Swinging at the intersection of art and technology, they are focusing on audiovisual installation, live visual performance, music video/animation and interactive installation.

This installation in particular features Miao’s visual works supplemented by the music of Jason Hou, a central figure in Beijing’s progressive Do Hits electronic music label, who’s well known for incorporating elements of traditional Chinese sonic culture into a futuristic soundscape all his own. He’s also well known for live performances on his instrument of choice — a glowing orb called an AlphaSphere:

See more work by Hibanana Studio here, and listen to more music by Jason Hou here.

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