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Watch: Fung Bros Dig Into Real Wuhan Food


YouTube stars David and Andrew Fung, aka “Fung Bros,” just dropped their latest video, a timely look at some of Wuhan’s most famous dishes — with no bats in sight.

As the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread across the globe, so has a wave of misinformation and rumors about Chinese eating habits. That’s been compounded by racism and discrimination — both from people within China aimed at the city of Wuhan and Hubei province, and overseas toward Chinese communities and, more broadly, people of Asian ethnicities.


Coronavirus Stirs Rumors and Racism Towards Chinese Eating Habits and Health

The Fung Bros have decided to tackle both of these issues head on with a “Real Wuhan Food Crawl.” Naturally, they kick things off with the rè gānmiàn — hot dry noodles — before moving on to some other Wuhan staples, a discussion of some of the racism and attitudes we’ve seen in response to coronavirus and then… some black tea popcorn.

They also pledge to donate any AdSense money they make from the video to Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Check it out:

And for more reasons to love, not shun, Wuhan or its people, go here:

5 Things to Know About Wuhan That Aren’t Virus-Related

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