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Watch: Female Chinese Soldiers Show Off “Swag” Dance Moves


Let’s answer your questions first about this video that People’s Daily just uploaded to its YouTube page, titled “Chinese PLA female soldiers show off their swag dance moves”:

1. No, I don’t know what’s going on here.

2. I said no.

3. PLA stands for People’s Liberation Army.

4. No!

5. That would be Welsh singer/songwriter Samuel Evanson — Ice Cold.

6. Actually, I really don’t know if that’s an appropriate use of the word “swag.” Let’s see what Urban Dictionary has to say…

:: checks Urban Dictionary ::
:: rubs chin ::
:: edits headline ::

“Chinese PLA Female Soldiers Show Off Swaggalicious Dance Moves”

(H/T to Jaris Cole for “swaggalicious”)

Anthony Tao
Anthony Tao is a writer and editor in Beijing. You can read his published poems and other stories on anthonytao.com. He was Radii’s first editor-in-chief.

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