We all love dominoes. Not the actual game – that’s for empty afternoons at your grandma’s house. The only redeeming aspect of dominoes is the domino effect, setting them up and watching them crash down one by one. For years, YouTube was bubbling over with nonsense domino set-ups, schemes, and arrangements. But recent surveillance footage has captured what might be the most powerful domino user of all time.

The clip, taken on July 17 in Hunan, China, shows a carefree driver crashing directly into a lane divider on an otherwise empty road. The divider gives up completely, throwing itself down, segment-by-segment, in a beautiful arcing display of contempt for the drivers’ abilities. The effect continues for hundreds of meters into the distance (watch the small human form at the ten second mark break into a full-on sprint to avoid the imminent fury of the lane divider).

Is this domino user the chosen one?