Minimalism is the name of the game right now. Restaurants that serve only breakfast cereal. Smarter cars that are less spacious than your bicycle. When your computer is actually a phone, which is actually a watch. But the China People’s Architecture Office, is taking minimalism to a new level with the home design they pulled off recently, which cost $10,000 and can be built in a day with just an allen wrench, IKEA-style.

The “Plugin House” was built for a Mrs. Fan as an attachment to her existing home, and you can check out the whole digs in the video. The design concept has been catching on for its hyper-feasible design — it can be assembled by a relatively unskilled team, with just one tool, in a variety of conditions. Since the area doesn’t have a sewage system, the home even comes with a compost toilet, plus a spacious rooftop space for entertaining your cool sustainable-minimalism friends.