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Watch: Akin & ChaCha – “Summer Love Aria”


According to traditional East Asian calendars, May 5 was the beginning of Lixia (立夏), or the official start of summer. Shanghai-based artists Akin and ChaCha come fully prepared, presenting the perfect banger with which to christen the season in “Summer Love Aria”:

This video’s got it all: video slot machines, fancy bottles of cognac, a hairless cat, mad snacks, RADII’s managing editor making a cameo at the 1:58 mark….

In a recent interview with us, ChaCha talked about this collaboration with Akin, one of several high-profile projects she’s been working on in the last few months:

Akin is a brilliant singer and songwriter… I do feel there is something connecting us — we know what we want immediately, so we make music really quickly, and he cares about the details and quality. It was such a fun and smooth experience to make music with him. Once we start we can’t stop, so we are continuing to make new music together — you will hear more after this single.

Read more about what ChaCha has up her sleeve here:

Yin: Shanghai Singer and Producer ChaCha’s Bold Reinvention

Cover photo: Behind the scenes shot by RADII’s Jake Newby.

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