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Watch: 360° Music Video by Meuko! Meuko! Taps the Virtual Spirit Realm


Strap in to your screen of choice and prepare to start smashing that ASMR, because Taipei producer Meuko! Meuko! has just released a 360° music video that’ll definitely set your spinal fluid flowing in the wrong direction:

The video was made by Taipei-based art group NAXS Corp (Network Afterlife eXistence Storage Corporation), who describe what they do as “Minds-to-Internet implantation services,” and comes two months after the release of Meuko! Meuko!’s 鬼島 Ghost Island EP on Swiss label Danse Noire.

The video’s imagery depicts Taiwan’s lush natural foliage as if viewed through some kind of heat-imaging device that can also detect roving undead spirits, and is accompanied by a supplementary text that speaks of parasitic consciousnesses transcending time and imparting endless compassion on mortals stuck in our cursed realm.

The text ends with a footnote that reads: “Religious beliefs are witnesses to historical records, and the pursuit of the essence of knowledge is true” — a sentiment that vibes with the worldview of Danse Noire label founder Aïsha Devi, who recently told Tiny Mix Tapes:

For me, [raving] culture is really important, socially and politically; I always felt free in this culture — but it’s also one of the only platforms where I could deliver this knowledge and make it become like a movie, with multiple layers of comprehension. There are going to be people who will just be entertained, that’s fine with me. But there will be people who are gonna feel something in their bones and will be really curious about it. I played in London and it was almost like a religious ritual, a cult or a communion, because we were in such a love wave. It sounds hippy, but it’s not hippy at all, because we are more conscious than hippies were. It was a dream, and now we are not living a dream. We come after a collapsing society, so we have to reinvent knowledge — so it’s not really hippy!


Meditate on the rest of Meuko! Meuko!’s 鬼島 Ghost Island above, and read about Devi’s latest performance with frequent collaborators Chen Tianzhuo/Asian Dope Boys here:

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Cover image: Still from “Meuko!Meuko! – 希卡公主Princess Sika (360° Music Video)” (YouTube)

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Josh Feola
Josh Feola is a US-based writer and musician, and RADII's former Culture Editor. His coverage of Chinese music and art has appeared in The Wire, Dazed, MIT Technology Review, Artsy, Bandcamp Daily and more. He's been active in China's underground music scene since 2010 via his booking platform pangbianr.com, and is a former member of Beijing bands Chui Wan, SUBS, and Vagus Nerve.
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