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Ding Zhen, the Tibetan Viral Sensation, Starts His Own Business


Ding Zhen, the Tibetan boy who had gone viral in China for his good looks and signature innocent smile, has started his own business, “Sichuan’s Little Horse Youth Culture Media Studio.” Zhen has full control over his newfound enterprise dedicated to China’s entertainment business, like television broadcasting and production, performance management, and more.

Screenshot of Ding Zhen's Company Registration

Ding Zhen’s the sole shareholder and manager of his new studio.

Ding Zhen’s recent rise to fame has garnered mixed reactions from the Chinese public. Some netizens on Weibo have expressed their concern about this transition.

One netizen writes, “Didn’t he say he was an unpaid civil servant?” Many netizens responded to this comment by defending his decision. “Temporary job! Contract job! He only signed for five years,” another user writes. Others passionately congratulate him on his new milestone.

A highly upvoted comment reads, “Good job young man! I hope that accompanying your love for your hometown, your career becomes bigger and better.” Another user writes, “What a great young man! He doesn’t forget his hometown even after fame! I wish you continued success.”

Screenshot of Weibo netizen comments reacting to Tibetan boy Ding Zhen's new company

Netizens responded with mixed feeling regarding Ding Zhen’s new business venture.

The overall appreciation for Ding Zhen’s loyalty towards his hometown shows the spreading patriotism among Chinese citizens. The public’s focus on more rural parts of China, like Sichuan, also points to the gradual, but sure growth of lesser developed regions. His fame has opened up opportunities for Sichuan,  Litang to promote and attract more tourists from all over China.

With his pure smile and dedication towards his hometown, Zhen has earned the hearts of many, paving the way for a long career ahead.


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Cover image via Ding Zhen’s travel book promotional material

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