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Chinese Rapper Vava Teams Up with NBA Player Aaron Gordon for New Track “Ganbei”


Sichuan rapper Vava has been busy this year. After releasing an EP with Chace — a young electronic music producer and member of electronica group Mandarin — earlier this year, the “Queen of Chinese Rap” is back with a brand new track, this time with none other than Orlando Magic power forward Aaron Gordon.

In an interview with RADII earlier this year, Vava revealed that she was working with an NBA player on something new, but she wouldn’t reveal who exactly it was. She had been conspicuously liking a lot of posts coming from Gordon’s Weibo page, however.


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The track itself is named “Ganbei,” which literally means “dry cup” and is used in Chinese like “cheers” is used in English. It sees Gordon sing cringeworthy lines such as “Old master like I’m Lao Tzu” and “You’re clueless to Confucius man.”

Vava on the other hand, chips in with lines like, “So fresh like the Chinese Kendall,” presumably a reference to the Jenner sister.

Vava and Gordon reportedly met in 2019 doing a shoot for a brand and have kept in touch since, bonding over a shared love of music. In April earlier this year, the Orlando Magic big man dropped his debut single “Pull Up,” while last year Vava appeared at a Philadelphia 76ers half-time show, performing her Crazy Rich Asians-featuring track “My New Swag.”

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