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Twitter Bits: Chinese Ghosts and Emoji Translations


Here at Radii one of our core functions is to waste a bunch of time on China Twitter so you don’t have to. Lately most of the China chatter on English-language social media has centered around North Korea and elite PRC politics ahead of that big meeting in October, but there are a few bits in between that noise that are less dour in tone.

Such as these handy renderings of Chinese onomatopoeia into universal emojis by translator and writer Liz Carter:

Fun and useful!

We’ve also been enjoying a daily series by London-based writer and speaker Xueting Christine Ni, who is working on a book about Chinese deities. A few days ago she started posting one Chinese ghost a day in commemoration of Ghost Month:

Follow Liz here for more bite-sized Chinese lessons, and follow Christine here for your daily demon fix for the remainder of Ghost Month.

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