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Today in Chinese Culinary Oddities: Chili-Eating Hot Tub Contest, World’s Smallest Watermelon, World’s Largest Rice Paddy Painting


One way to beat the summer heat: WAY MORE HEAT. Chinese paper People’s Daily on the scene of a chili-eating contest in Hunan province, famous for its spice:

Talk about a hot tub! Zing!!

Cool off that sick burn with the world’s smallest watermelon, also recently unveiled in China:

From the Global Times:

Tiny watermelons are on display at a fruit and vegetable farm in Changzhou, east China’s Jiangsu province on June 6, 2017. With green flesh, the thumb-sized watermelon is only 3-centimeter long. It can be eaten with its peel.

Sweet! Hmm, what else? Oh, here’s Xinhua News reporting from northeastern Shenyang province with the “world’s largest 3D paintings in rice paddies”:

Well done, everyone! See you tomorrow.

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