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This PUBG-Style Commercial From Food Delivery Firm Meituan is Pretty Wild


China’s computer games companies might be struggling a bit at the moment, as an apparent halt in approvals for new titles by the industry’s regulatory body here causes stock prices to slide, but gaming is still big business — and not just for console makers and game producers.

Food delivery firm Meituan has been taking aim at the gaming community and attempting to make themselves the take out service of choice for games marathons with a pretty crazy new commercial based on the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds title. The ad ticks a number of zeitgeisty boxes along the way, being fronted by TV and movie star Zhao Liying and putting a take out-themed spin on PUBG‘s much sought-after “winner winner chicken dinner” prize.

Check it out here:

The advertisement finds Zhao and friends in a bit of trouble during a shoot-out in a PUBG-themed setting, with players running out of bullets and one team member going down injured. “Now how are we going to get that chicken dinner?”, asks Zhao. To which the stricken player replies, “What if… [dramatic pause, then suddenly chirpy] we ordered some delivery on Meituan?”

Cue a handsome delivery dude motorbiking through some pyrotechnics to deliver that all-important chicken dinner, followed by a stray bullet and some slightly awkward celebrations.


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