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The World’s Most Innovative Company is Chinese


At least it is according to Fast Company‘s 2019 rankings. The magazine’s annual list of “the businesses making the most profound impact on both industry and culture” was recently announced with China’s Meituan Dianping sitting pretty in top spot.

The company, which has merged restaurant reviews and discount bookings with a whole host of other services, was named number one on the list “for pioneering transactional super apps.” Singapore’s transport and delivery app Grab was second.

According to Fast Company,

They may not be well known in the U.S., but Meituan and Grab are changing the lives of hundreds of millions of consumers and millions of merchants with highly complex operations disguised as simple transactions—elegant tech to enable real-world experiences.

Okay sure, but what actually is Meituan Dianping? Glad you asked. Here’s a handy explainer:

Meituan: The “One-Stop Super App” That’s Hungry for Expansion

The only other Chinese “innovator” on the list is Alibaba at number 15.

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