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The PRC Turns 68, People Celebrate with Toys, Photo-Op Diplomacy, Mass Movement


Today is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, the official celebration of the nation’s birthday (though it was technically founded on September 21, 1949). The leadership and top brass celebrated the country’s origins and fallen soldiers with a memorial service outside the Forbidden City yesterday:

The rest of the country celebrated mainly by moving around. The Weekend Australian reports “700 million Chinese on the move for golden week holidays” — that’s about half the country, or two Americas. Six million of those are taking their purchasing power overseas, according to The Straits Times, who also report 560 million road trips happening domestically.

In the US, the royal family gave China face by sending Ivanka and Jared to the official National Day celebration in Washington D.C. GB Times reports:

According to Chinese media outlet Xinhua, [Chinese Vice-Premuere] Liu [Yandong] made a short speech at the reception in which he highlighted the Chinese government’s efforts to improve the lives of its nearly 1.4 billion people, as well as the contributions it has made to the development of both China and the world as a whole.

He also stressed the importance of cooperating with the United States and the need for face-to-face exchanges.

Amen to that!

Last but not least: Toys ‘R’ Us might be filing for bankruptcy at home, but its China operation is firing on all cylinders. The toy behemoth plans to open 10 new stores in China during the National Day holiday, bringing the total number up to 150, according to China Daily:

Operations outside the US and Canada, including about 255 licensed stores and joint venture partnerships in Asia, which are separate entities, are not part of the bankruptcy proceedings, Toys ‘R’ Us said.

Seems fitting, given that the majority of their products are probably made in China anyway.

Cover photo: Northbridge Times

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