Hey, this is neat: The Illustrated Wok, a recently launched and almost instantly successful Kickstarter campaign from The Cleaver Quarterly, a Shanghai-based foodie mag. Cleaver launched three years ago in Beijing — also on the back of a successful Kickstarter — and has since consistently pumped out visually dense print mags with stories about “dumpling rappers” and “authentic Beijing tacos” every three months. Their next big idea is a cookbook with illustrated recipes from 20 “top chefs,” and it looks pretty cool:

Recipes hinted at in the Kickstarter video include Crispy Peking Duck Leg and Purple Yam & Pancetta Gau Gee with Black Garlic Mayo, and I haven’t had lunch yet so I’ll stop transcribing this stuff now. This thing looks like the perfect gift for the Trans-Pacific fusion-foodie in your kitchen, and the illustrations alone might be enough to sell some — here, a “strange flavor eggplant” being abducted to space, there, an octopus that looks freshly escaped from a hentai nightmare.

Check their full pitch here and drop as little as 25 bucks to have your own Illustrated Wok shipped to you in October or so.