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TV Presenter Jesper Rönndahl Responds to Chinese Rapper Pissy’s Anti-Sweden Diss Track


Last week, we told you about a diss track against the entire Kingdom of Sweden from red rap crew CD Rev member Pissy, following a major diplomatic fall-out caused by some Chinese tourists being removed from the lobby of a hotel. If that sounds bizarre, well it is.

Here’s all the background:

China’s Most-Ridiculed Rappers Publish Diss Track Against the Country of Sweden After Hotel Debacle

Perhaps unsurprisingly, satire show Swedish News, which was called out by Pissy along with presenter Jesper Rönndahl, have responded. Alas, it’s not in kind — we were really hoping for some Swedish rap (presumably they’re running scared in that particular battle). But it does include an apology to the people of China and a little look at Pissy and his CD Rev cohorts.

You can watch it with English subtitles here:

And here’s our own bit on CD Rev if you want more background on the Party rappers:

Meet CD REV: China’s “Reddest” Rap Crew

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