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Soundtrack Your BBQs and Beers with this Summer Playlist of Chinese Tracks


It’s summer! For those in most of the northern hemisphere, that means hot and sweaty commutes to work, moving between air-conditioned rooms as fast as possible and, if you’re like us, excellent Chinese music to get you in the mood.

China’s summer has been a bit dotty thus far, with torrential flooding in large parts of the country, as well as the resumption of typhoon season along the Eastern coast this month.

Don’t let that get you down though, we’ve made a Spotify playlist to keep those rainy day blues at bay and get you in the mood for the season.

There’s something for everyone, with slow romantic ballads, fuzzed-out rock anthems, upbeat experimental electronica and funky rap tracks. Starting the playlist strong, the opener is one of iconic Chinese rock band Hedgehog‘s best ever songs, “Blue Daydreaming.”

Other highlights include Shanghai group Duck Fight Goose’s “Horse” (the group now go by the name YADAE 鸭打鹅), dreamy guitar-driven rock from Beijing-based shoegaze band Default on their track “Summer Tobacco” and Kris Wu‘s minimalist, synthesized pop track “July.”

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