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Story of “China’s Captain Sully” to be Made Into a Movie


The story of a Chinese pilot who made international headlines earlier this year is set to be made into a film. Alas, no it’s not the story of the plane that dropped 10,000 feet because the dude in the cockpit was smoking an e-cigarette (we’d have called it Vapes on a Plane), but instead it’s the tale of “China’s Captain Sully“.

Here’s the background to that:

Meet Liu Chuanjian, “China’s Captain Sully”

Given Liu Chuanjian’s story very quickly became equated with that of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot famous for landing a plane on the Hudson River whose tale was made into a Tom Hanks-starring film, it’s hardly surprising that someone has had a similar idea in China.

Bona Film Group are the ones who have taken out their chequebook (well, Alipay/WeChat pay account) for this, the same production house behind massive nationalistic hit Operation Red Sea. The film reportedly has a working title of — wait for it — Chinese Captain. Inspirational.

Cover image: Passengers on board the distressed flight taking a selfie

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