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  • Leela Greenberg
    Leela Greenberg’s fascination with China began in elementary school, when her father brought her a pair of red silk pajamas. “These are from China town, in New York,” he said. “The real China is on the other side of the world.” That there was another side of the world was a spectacular concept. From drone startups in Latin America to the UN in Europe to Alibaba in Hangzhou, China, where she currently resides, Leela loves exploring other sides of the world. Her crushes include James Earl Jones (as Mufasa), Zhuang Zi, Baudelaire, and the entire team at RADII.
    • Rilly Chen
      Rilly Chen is a bi-cultural presenter, writer and tech enthusiast. Having lived and worked across China, Southeast Asia and the UK, she built her career in finance, ecommerce and tech. Rilly is currently shaping Alibaba’s international expansion strategy. Throughout her career in ecommerce, Rilly focused on advising international Health & Beauty Brands on operating in Asian markets, and therefore developed a strong expertise and passion for current trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.