RADII Presents: FUTURE OF CULTURE IN THE DIGITAL AGE with Michael Xufu Huang at 2050

In the digital age, visual art can spread across the world in a matter of seconds, a phenomenon that offers great opportunities but also provides a number of challenges. How are artists in China responding to this and the general creep of technology into every area of our lives? And how are traditional art institutions having to adapt in this ever-shifting environment?

As a co-founder of Beijing’s visionary M WOODS museum, a collector of key new media and post-internet works from some of China’s most exciting artists, and someone with a hand in an array of blockchain and AI projects, Michael Xufu Huang is uniquely positioned to examine these issues and explore the FUTURE OF CULTURE IN THE DIGITAL AGE. The talk will be moderated by Rilly Chen.

Date May 26th, 2018

Time 11:00AM – 12:00PM

About our Speaker

Michael Xufu Huang, born in 1994, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is a trustee at the New Museum. He made the Forbes “30 Under 30 Art & Style” list in 2017 and was the only person from the art industry invited to judge the 2018 list as the only person from the art industry. At the age of 24, he has already spoken at Harvard University, Yale University and Wharton Business School.

Michael co-founded the independent, not-for-profit museum M WOODS in Beijing. In 2016, he worked with the Andy Warhol Museum to bring the Pop Art master to Beijing.
And in the summer of 2017, he curated a major exhibition “Heart of the Tin Man”, recreating
human sensations in this digital age through art.

Michael is also heavily invested into various technology and blockchain companies.

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Cover photo: A work by artist Lu Yang at M WOODS.