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Watch RADII’s Fan Shuhong Discuss Chinese Hip Hop Going Mainstream at Midem 2019


Major music industry conference Midem took place in Cannes last week, bringing together the great and the good from the world of music for three days of talks, shows, and networking. And RADII was there too, with Fan Shuhong (aka Rita Fan) talking about the rise of Chinese hip hop on a panel event with Reggie Ba-Pe of Club Media and host Ed Peto of Outdustry.

Watch the video below for a discussion of China’s early hip hop roots, the rapid development of the genre in recent years via Rap of China, and what the future holds for China’s rappers.

For the latest on China’s burgeoning hip hop scene, check out Rita’s regular Rap Wrap column here. And for a historical overview of the development of hip hop in China, start here:

The History of Rap in China, Part 1: Early Roots and Iron Mics (1993-2009)

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