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Listen to Our Playlist of Chill Tracks for Self-Isolation


With the seemingly never-ending stream of news surrounding Covid-19 consuming our social media, it’s perhaps more important than ever to give yourself a moment to take a step back from the internet and find some chill time.

With that sentiment in mind, we put together a playlist of some of our favorite Chinese artists running the gamut from lo-fi hip hop from the likes of Cruel Buddhist and Strawberry Papa, to vibey Southwest China indie from the now defunct yourboyfriendsucks and Xiamen-based Kirin Trio. Also included are tracks from Wuhan band Chinese Football and the side project of the group’s frontman, Xu Bo, called A Hidden Trace. Similarly, don’t miss out on Hualun, another excellent Wuhan group, with “穿过火焰” (Walking on Fire), a short, sweet folksy guitar track taken from 2018 film An Elephant Sitting Still.

Whether you’re eager to spend some time drifting away on the spacey RnB vibes of Yehaiyahan‘s “Under The Moonlight,” or looking to clear out your headspace to get back in working mode (recommended: mobilegirl and Scintii’s “Ceremonial Song”), we hope there’s something for everyone on our humble 23-track Spotify playlist.

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