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PUBG and “Produce 101” Idol Group Team Up for Unexpected Crossover


Well here’s a collision between two recent RADII headline-makers that we didn’t see coming: pop idol group and all around controversy-magnet Rocket Girls (who came into being courtesy of Tencent’s Produce 101 talent show) have joined forces with gaming sensation PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Here are a couple of the results of their collaboration:

Produce 101 was the show that gave us “China’s Beyoncé” Wang Ju and a finalist whose vocals were described as a “car crash” before owners Tencent promptly sued three of the contest’s winners.

As for PUBG meanwhile, we recently highlighted a pretty nuts Meituan commercial that made use of the game and its triumphal “winner winner chicken dinner” line:

This PUBG-Style Commercial From Food Delivery Firm Meituan is Pretty Wild

It’s an unusual link up, and so far one that’s been getting mixed reviews from gamers on microblog platform Weibo. Not that Rocket Girls’ management will care too much given they have a new album to promote — the move has brought them a fair amount of publicity, once again.


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