Picture of the Day: Fisherman of Hainan


The above is the First Prize winner of the inaugural Radii Photo Contest. As photographer ilkka Jarvilaturi explains:

Taken on an undeveloped beach west of Sanya where he, together with his two friends, had struck camp to escape his wife and the inland life. High on booze and betel, he would sell the big catch to the many seafood restaurants in the nearby resorts, or grill the small catch on the campfire for an al fresco dinner. There before dinner time, I was only offered a shot of baijiu and betel, the latter of which I turned down.

Photographer bio:

ilkka 伊卡 is director, screenwriter and photographer, last few years mostly writing screenplays for the China market and shooting the occasional TVC. He circled all of Hainan location scouting for a film where young lovers have eloped and ended up on a beach. The movie is still looking for backers, but the moment captured with the fisherman makes up for some of the effort. More of ilkka’s work can be seen in the fall at “Orwell is Departing,” opening at Café Zarah in Beijing on September 21.

You can check out the other winners — and their photos — here.

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