Photo of the Day: Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art


Yesterday was World Museum Day, a celebration of knowledge-serving institutions that’s been in the calendar since 1977. Museums across China often go big for the day, offering free or discounted entry and holding special events. Our photo theme this week is Masterful Museums — dedicated to showcasing some of the country’s most visually stunning museums.

China has a whole host of striking contemporary art hubs these days, but away from the more-cited examples in the country’s first tier cities are structures such as Yinchuan’s Museum of Contemporary Art, a building which forms the centerpiece of a whole art district in the northern city.

Beijing firm WAA (We Architech Anonymous) apparently took inspiration for the building’s design from the sedimentary layers found in Ningxia province, with the site on which the museum sits being just a short distance from the Yellow River.

The 15,000 sqm structure opened to the public in August 2015.

Photos: Baidu Baike

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