Photo of the day: Virtual Worlds


This week’s photo series comes from the students and alumni of NYU Shanghai. We’re looking at how people from China and around the world come to understand their new home via images.

Marjorie Wang, co-founder with Baaria Chaudhary (pictured above) of the mixed reality studio intern019, says of this snap:

In May 2017, NYU Shanghai students Baaria Chaudhary and Marjorie Wang attended Unite Shanghai 2017, Unity‘s largest Asia conference. The demos ranged from the Omni Gaming Treadmill, to Vuforia, an augmented reality SDK, to Fingo (pictured here) a VR headset attachment that tracks hand position, turning your hands into the controllers.

Read more about VR, Shanghai, and intern019 in this piece by Marjorie for Radii:

How China Inspired My VR Career

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