Photo of the Day: Trembling Forest


As the Met Gala sets tongues wagging about US celebs and their outfits — and following Nick Kapur’s fantastic thread on Chinese names for NBA players — we’re using our weekly photo theme to dig into some of the more unusual Mandarin Monikers for Foreign Stars.

As with his English name, Tom Hiddleston in Mandarin is a bit of a mouthful. Like many a name when transliterated from English, it’s simply a case of sounding out each syllable with a character. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chinese fans have taken to abbreviating his name to just two characters: 抖森 dousen, which can be literally translated as “trembling (or quivering) forest”.

It doesn’t sound much like a Chinese person’s name, but it could be worse. And Hiddleston has apparently embraced it, posing for a photo with scroll bearing the characters during a fan meeting to promote one or other of the plethora of Avengers films a few years back in Beijing.

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