Photo of the Day: The Wind Guardians


Our photo series this week looks at some of the summer blockbusters set for China’s cinema screens in the next couple of months.

A computer-animated mix of martial arts, mythical creatures, and slapstick comedy all set amid some Zhangjiajie-like scenery, The Wind Guardians is the first feature film spin-off from 画江湖 Hua Jianghu, a Mango TV series that’s been running since 2014. Hua Jianghu itself was launched in the wake of 侠岚 Xia Lan, an animated wuxia (martial heroes) series that began in 2012.

Whether or not that sounds like your kind of thing, it’s hard to deny that the film is coming in with a very strong poster game:

As for the film itself, this trailer gives you an idea of what to expect:

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