Photo of the day: Rui Chen’s Walking Stick


This week’s photo series is “CELEBRATE WOMEN” — directed by Nicole Chan, with support from other talented photographers. Women respond to the question “What empowers you?” in these raw, minimalist portraits.

“After my spinal surgery, I relied on a cane to walk. It’s been two years now, during which I diligently practiced using my own strength to walk. This empowers me because I am now cane free!”

– 吳瑞春 Wu Rui Chun, photographed by Nicole Chan, Taipei, Taiwan, 2018

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Nicole Chan
    Nicole is a Shanghai-based mixed medium artist. She draws inspiration from Japanese animation, fantasy novels, and pop surrealism, and often incorporates self-made costumes and props. Chan believes in the power of visual arts as a mechanism for storytelling and social change. Her work has been recognized by educational and non-governmental institutions, and she is currently working as Associate Creative Director at LearningLeaders. For more visit nicolechan.org