Photo of the Day: Robots in the Skies


As China “rails at [the recent] theme park boom“, with officials criticizing what they see as “unclear concepts, blind construction, imitations and plagiarism, low-standard duplication and other issues” in the industry, our photo theme this week is Theme Park Dream — a look at some of the more notable theme parks to have cropped up in the country in recent years.

When the doors open on East Valley of Science and Fantasy at the end of this month in Guiyang, Guizhou province, it will officially be China’s largest VR-themed theme park. You might think that for a VR theme park all you really need is a room and some VR headsets, but the Valley is much more than that according to reports. They’ve got a VR cinema, VR rollercoasters, and a few other R-rated (not in that way) attractions including MR and AR aspects.

There’s also this 53m-tall guy who the official blurbs are very careful not to call a Transformer:

The whole site covers 2,000 mu (133 hectares) and reportedly cost 100 million RMB (around $1.6 billion USD) to build. Seems like money well spent though — according to the below artist’s impression of the completed park the Transformer robot thing will shoot frickin’ lazer beams out of its eyes, which is surely worth that money alone.

Cover image and robot image: Sohu

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