Photo of the Day: Phoenix Town


Our Photo of the Day series this week shares works from photographer Pavel Dvorak. Of this shot, he says:

“Phoenix Town”, or Fenghuang, is always so idyllic on pictures. But don’t be deceived. It’s a big touristy place full of people, shops, bars, and clubs. Every day and night narrow streets are rumbling with energy from all these visitors and locals as well. It is a nice place to have fun, but it is hard to find the feeling of old China anymore — except during early mornings. A good thing about modern life is that it is very lazy. Every town has its own, unique morning spirit. So does Fenghuang.

Pavel is a Slovak content creator based in Shanghai. He moved to China in 2009 after receiving a double major in Chinese culture-language in Czech Republic. He organizes cross-cultural business events and recently began taking his business clients beyond the big cities and out to off-the-beaten-path adventures. Pavel’s works have been published in various media internationally, and awarded at the International Movie Festival Karlovy Vary. You can check out Pavel’s website here.

If you’d like to take over RADII’s Photo of the Day series for a week with your shots, please get in touch with us here.

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