Photo of the day: No Chain No Gain


This week’s photo series is by Zhao Yinyin. The theme is festival fashion. Cool young people in full swing.

No Chain No Gain is comfortable. He’d be as comfortable at the festival as he would be at the skate park, or at a kickback with friends watching movies. His style is understated but impactful. The classic beaten-up Converse, hat, and Stussy shirt (tucked in) put the skater vibe front and center. They’re accented by three well-chosen accessories: metal hoop earrings, clear-frame glasses, and his single pocket chain with carabiner. He’s highkey killing it, with lowkey flavor. Keep on kicking and pushing, man.

Zhao Yinyin
Zhao Yinyin is a full-time photographer, part-time artist based in Shanghai. You can see more of her work online at http://cargocollective.com/zhaoyinyin

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