Photo of the day: Mod Mojo


This week’s photo series is by Zhao Yinyin. The theme is festival fashion. Cool young people in full swing.

Mod Mojo might not actually identify with the mod subculture, but we think they’d identify with her. She’s a goddamn beautiful disaster and we love every moment of it. Let’s just run down the list: pink hair, orange shades, purple glitter lipstick, neck tat, spiked choker, custom painted denim jacket, Bugs Bunny shirt, elastic purple checkered skirt, My Little Pony clutch, and black platforms that are just Darth Vader enough to rival stormtrooper. Never change, Mod Mojo.

Zhao Yinyin
Zhao Yinyin is a full-time photographer, part-time artist based in Shanghai. You can see more of her work online at http://cargocollective.com/zhaoyinyin
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