Photo of the Day: Luxury Suite


Our Photo of the Day series this week shares street shots from photographer Sean Foley

RADII: These alleyways are always interesting to see. How long do you have to walk around usually before calling it a night? How’d you come to find this one?

It really depends on my energy levels. Sometimes I can only walk around an hour or so before I call it a night. On other occasions I could be walking the streets for 5-6 hours. So this alley is right near the Ladies Market in Mong Kok (a lot of my photos are in Mong Kok as I live very close by) and I often pass through this particular alley. I had been trying to take a photo here that I liked for quite a while, I guess all it took was a little rain.

Sean Foley is an Australian photographer based in Hong Kong. Although he’s only been in photography for less than a year, he’s already amassed more than 14,000 followers on Instagram. He draws inspiration from other photographers, film, literature, music and also from the city itself.

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