Photo of the day: Late January Blood Moon


This week’s photo theme is Reddish Heavens: a smear of red/orange/pink hue muddling the horizon, real or imagined…

We’ll start this admittedly vague photo theme with a composite image of last week’s full lunar eclipse, as published by SCMP. The supermoon turned into a blood moon as the eclipse crept over it, reaching peak saturation around 9:30pm. We happened to be out walking around in Beijing at the time, and it was nice to see a phenomenon hit people the same way, regardless of age or class… everyone was just kind of out on the street, enthralled by this huge red smudge blacking out the night sky more than usual, most of them engaged in the futile pursuit of trying to capture the spectacle on smartphone cameras.

If you missed out on this phenomenon yourself, the next lunar eclipse visible in China will come around on July 28, according to Xinhua.

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