Photo of the day: Last Day Here


This week’s photo takeover is “RIP Laoximen” — a collection of photos by Shanghai street photographer Qian Yang, capturing life in the rapidly-disappearing neighborhood.

I took this picture from the roof. The woman was cooking in her kitchen, and I loved the contrast between the old alley area and the modern Shanghai skyline in the background. One thing I want to mention is that, the day after I took this photo, the woman moved away. It seemed like a freeze-frame at the end of that story.

For more about Laoximen:

Photos: Inside the Disappearing Alleyways of Shanghai’s Laoximen

Qian Yang
    Qian Yang is a Shanghai-based street photographer. He's taken photos in Shanghai's Laoximen area since 2016. By mid-2018, he'd taken over ten thousand photos capturing the lives of ordinary residents. His work highlights fleeting moments and daily routines in working class Shanghai. Find him on Weibo @老加船长

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