Photo of the day: Inaugural Planetary Tour


This week’s photo series comes from the students and alumni of NYU Shanghai. We’re looking at how people from China and around the world come to understand their new home via images.

Today’s image is a still from a VR piece by Kadallah Burrowes, who’s soon to complete a degree from NYU Shanghai’s Interactive Media Art program. The YouTube description for this video, entitled Inaugural Planetary Tour, reads:

This is a 360 video comprised of Panoramic images taken from a level of Inaugural Planetary Tour, a Virtual Reality experience created to help explore the bounds of passive narrative in VR.

But the still + text don’t do it justice. Watch it on YouTube, where it consists of a short series of fully fleshed-out VR landscapes from some bombed out techno-dystopian future, part Orwell and part P.K. Dick, where the humans are all gone and only beige dust remains:

And check out our feature on Kadallah, who’s blurring the lines between art and technology, here:

Kadallah Burrowes is Paving the Way for a New Generation of Digital Artists

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