Photo of the day: Hohhot Temple


This week’s photo takeover comes from digital media artist and Radii contributor Kadallah Burrowes. 东游记 Journey to the East is a series of photos captured while traveling through China in the summer of 2015.

An unedited shot from inside a temple in the gorgeous Inner Mongolia. After the vegetarian commune, it was a change of pace up North. In one, meal I had everything from cow tongue and camel, to a drink similar to milk tea that had meat chunks instead of tapioca balls. Crazy couch surfing experiences here, met a man traveling around the world and a woman determined to backpack between every province in China.

Kadallah Burrowes
    Kadallah is a new media artist specializing in virtual reality. He's based in Shanghai, where he creates projects for museums and clients, but travels around China speaking and educating people interested in emerging media forms. You can find him on Instagram @kadallah_
    china.wav LA

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