Photo of the Day: Hidden Man


Our photo series this week looks at some of the summer blockbusters set for China’s cinema screens in the next couple of months.

Anything involving actor/director Jiang Wen (Devils on the Doorstep, In the Heat of the Sun) is usually worth paying attention to and Hidden Man might just be our most anticipated mainstream Chinese movie of the summer.

The 1930s-set adaptation of Zhang Beihai’s novel 侠隐 Xiayin (“The Hero”) is being touted as the third and final instalment in the gangster trilogy that began with 2010’s Let the Bullets Fly and continued with 2014’s Gone With the Bullets. That ought to mean some big action set-pieces and lavish sets to go with a cast led by director Jiang himself along with Eddie Peng (pictured above).

Not been able to find a trailer for this one with English subtitles, but trust us, you’ll get the idea from watching this regardless of your Mandarin ability:

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