Photo of the day: Gobi Posing


Our photo theme this week is Fashion Frontiers: fabulous looks at the far edges of contemporary Chinese culture.

Kicking the week off with a still from the recently concluded iQiyi x Tencent reality show, Road to the Runway. Radii’s own Fan Shuhong watched the whole series and recapped it here earlier today:

In the episodes following the premiere, these judges made harsh comments on photos of the girls taken in the deserts of Gansu province and Xinjiang in China’s northwest, in the ancient Tibetan buildings of Shangri-La, and in a vintage hotel in Shanghai. The models tried their best to strike the most fashionable poses at the most appealing angles as they were adorned with Peking Opera-style makeup and paper-cut outfits, all the while facing the pressure of knowing that one of them would get eliminated from the contest after each round.


The show’s champion, One (王艺), officially launches her career as an international supermodel today, as she walks in what has become a rather controversial Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai.

Read Shuhong’s full article here:

How a Video Site Created China’s Newest International Supermodel

Cover image: Road to the Runway Weibo

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