Photo of the day: Get Some Soy Sauce


This week’s photo takeover is Shanghai Haze — candid and foggy moments from the fringes of Shanghai youth culture — by Yana Liang. If you have photos to submit, reach out at [email protected]

Walking on the road, I saw this shop with some Chinese vintage props on the shelf. They also had these neon light decorations that are so popular now. I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition. The store’s name is Get Some Soy Sauce — the Chinese slang meaning is like, that’s not my business, just keep walking.

Yana Liang
Yana Liang is a freelance photographer and visual designer, currently working hard and playing harder in Shanghai, China. Her goal is to capture refreshing and out of the ordinary stories that she sees on the streets. Yana believes it is the story behind a picture that makes it fascinating. See more of her work at: http://liangyana1125.wixsite.com/fort-worth

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