Photo of the Day: Funeral Strippers and Professional Mourners


This week’s photo theme is, well, it’s death. Not because we’re trying to be overly morbid, but because Thursday 5 April is Qingming Festival in China, a day where families traditionally tend to the graves of their ancestors and an occasion often referred to as “Tomb Sweeping Day”.

And really, how could we let this photo theme pass without featuring one of the more bizarre funeral rituals found in China, that of the casket-side pole dances. Earlier this year, we wrote that

The Ministry of Culture last month announced a crackdown on “obscene, pornographic and vulgar performances” at funerals and weddings after stories of wild send-offs involving naked women groping mourners and pole dancing at rural gatherings made headlines.

Find the full story here:

Going to a Funeral in China? Try to Keep Your Clothes On, Says Ministry of Culture

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